What is MagicSeal

MagicSeal is a Food Preservation Solution for modern house hold and it may keep Food up to 5X longer. The solution removes excesses air from it and creates an air-tight seal to lock in freshness, so food is protected from the deteriorating effects from oxygen.

Vacuum Machine

How to Vacuum Pack Food

Vacuum packing food sucks all the oxygen out of the packaging. This makes the food last 3 to 5 times longer and preserves it appearance because microorganisms, such as bacteria, grow at a much slower rate inside of a vacuum seal. Also, freezer burn is virtually eliminated because the food is not in contact with cold air. For someone who plans to regularly vacuum pack food, purchasing a machine that automates the process may be worth the additional cost. Here is how to vacuum pack food using either an automatic machine or manual pump.

1 Clean and prepare the food that you wish to vacuum pack.

  • Scrub or peel fruits and vegetables so dirt is not trapped inside the vacuum seal.
  • Trim any skin and bone that you don’t need from meat.

2 Place the food inside the plastic bag.

  • Most machines require using a specific brand of bag.

3 Put the open edge of the bag into the sealing machine.

4 Press the button, if necessary, to start the vacuum and sealing process.

  • Many vacuum pack food machines have an automatic sensor that alerts the machine when a bag has been placed inside and automatically starts the sealing process.

5 Watch as the vacuum pack food machine withdraws the air and the plastic bag shrinks.

6 Wait for the machine to stop its operation, which signaling that the plastic bag has properly been sealed.

7 Remove the vacuum packed food and store it in the pantry, fridge or freezer.

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